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Our aim is to make buying an overseas golfing property a more enjoyable experience and to give our clients greater peace of mind knowing that they have purchased their ideal property.

Whether buying as an investment, a holiday home or relocation, by 'trying before you buy' you are able to experience the location, lifestyle, golf and type of property before you commit to buying it.

Try out your preferred location and sample the dream lifestyle first hand with a 3 or 5 day "Trip Before You Buy Trip". Stay in the type of property and the location you are considering buying for two nights or spend a week playing golf and exploring the possibility of owning your very own property in one of the resorts.

The team at specialise in overseas golfing properties and golfing holidays. For advice or recommendations on locations, types of properties, specific developments, golf courses or investment opportunities, simply call us on +44 (0) 208 204 4544.

To begin your property search, simply click on ‘properties’ and select the country and region you are interested in.

It may not always be possible to ‘try before you buy’ in off-plan developments. If you are considering purchasing an ‘off-plan’ property that is not completed yet we will aim to accommodate you in a similar type of property from the same developer.